Jackson Browne Announces New Tour and Album.

Singer-songwriter, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Activist, Jackson Browne has announced a Solo Acoustic tour across the U.S. this summer as well as a new studio album to be released this autumn.

The tour starts in early July and carries almost straight on through to the end of August, and as the name suggests it is based around Browne, his guitar and piano and a song catalogue that spans over four decades. Included also in this year’s tour for lucky fans is two dates with fellow legend John Fogerty and the full band.

These style of concerts have become favourites amongst his fans, and have helped create two stripped back, bare and honest albums based around his solo acoustic performances. Each night is never the same with different set lists from across his whole body of work, and plans have even been known to change with requests from the crowds. So expect to hear the favourites as well the forgotten gems and sometimes the hidden treasures never recorded by Browne for an album.

So whilst American Jackson Browne fans get ready to buy tickets, fan outside the states despair. However there is hope as quietly slipped into the tour announcement was the news of a new studio album; his first since Time The Conqueror which was released in 2008. Normally artists will do promotional tours following the release on an album to make sure they get the sales. Hopefully, this means we will see the man behind Doctor My Eyes, Running On Empty and The Pretender back on our shores soon.

The news continues to come for his fans, as to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his album Late For The Sky, a remastered version will be  released on all digital platforms, via CD and also again on vinyl. Late For The Sky is without doubt my favourite album and is widely considered by fans, critics and musicians alike to be Jackson’s best and most influential album. I cannot wait to recreate the same feeling people felt back in 1974 walking into a record store, buying the LP and the following feeling of musical awakening.

I was lucky enough to see Jackson Browne and his band on the first night of his 2010 tour in Bristol, his last tour to include European dates. It was an amazing moment to see the man himself and hear the famous songs carry the same depth, conviction and empathetic narrative of the original recordings. So whether its our stateside friends across the pond or the hopeful fans here, you should expect a treat when Jackson Browne comes to your town for his unique and intimate style of concert and music.

Jackson Browne will be starting his Solo Acoustic tour this July in Omaha, Nebraska and will culminate at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland.

His thirteenth studio album will be released this autumn.

For more information visit jacksonbrowne.com

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