Why John Cena Will Never Be a Bad Guy

In the words of WWE’s play-by-play announcer Michael Cole, no one evokes so much emotion from the WWE Universe like the organisation’s top star, John Cena. For all the loyal members of the Cenation, there are an equal measure who go as far as to say they hate the 14-time world champion. No one divides opinion and can split an audience quite like John Cena.

Throughout his many years as WWE’s top face, there has always been calls from fans to turn him heel, but these have got louder with his current rivalry with Bray Wyatt. As interesting as it would be to see WWE’s poster boy answer the call of the buzzards and join the Wyatt Family, as well be a heel in general, I’m sorry to burst any bubbles but it will never happen.

Not only is John Cena arguably WWE’s biggest performer, he is their biggest asset. Outside of the ring, John Cena has always been among the top three superstars who create the most revenue through merchandise. When you look at the John Cena and Cenation brand, it is made up of t-shirts, hats, sweatbands and for a while the famous spinner WWE championship. That was one of the main reasons why the belt was kept for so long, it was a great earner in replicas on the merchandise stand. With the character John Cena has, the all-American, rise above hate image, he appeals to WWE’s younger audience and most importantly to their mums also, who open their purses.

Being one of the top stars in the organisation, Cena has found himself in some of top main events and top pay-per-views across his ten-year tenure. There is no doubt his name doesn’t only translate into ticket sales but also pay-per-view and DVD/Blu-ray buys. Two main events with The Rock and others against the likes of Orton, Michaels and Triple H have meant he has been a part of some of the best-selling pay-per-views in WWE history.

Much like Hulk Hogan in the 80s and 90s, John Cena has crossed over into mainstream, with even non-wrestling fans knowing who he is. Proving even people who don’t watch WWE can see him. This is of huge benefit to WWE, and Cena himself as it helps garner people who do not follow them, into their product. Cena has made countless appearances on chat shows in the States and here across the pond, along with game shows, children’s shows and any other kind of show you can think of. Exposure in mainstream circles is key to success for a wrestling company, therefore even if we are not talking about money, he still holds a lot of value.

However, when talking about John Cena you must include his countless charity work. He holds the Make-A-Wish record with the most wishes granted by a single person with over an astonishing 400 wishes, more than any other celebrity in the history of the program. Not only this but since the start of the partnership between WWE and the breast cancer charity the Susan G Komen Foundation, Cena has been prominent not just on screen but in rallies and meetings. He also always has a strong involvement in WWE’s annual in-house Tribute To The Troops show. All of this reflects positively not just on John Cena himself but also on the WWE.

Whether you like or dislike, love or hate the leader of the Cenation, you cannot deny John Cena is the most important asset to WWE. Therefore you have to agree it would be ludicrous for WWE to turn John Cena into a heel, for what would ultimately be albeit interesting but a short affair. Not just for the estimated over $100 million he brings to the company, but the ambassadorial role he plays and the star power he has. Unless things change drastically, expect to see John Cena continue to be the squeaky clean, good guy we know and love, or hate!

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