Why WWE dropping the Elimination Chamber PPV is a Good Idea

Many wrestling news websites are reporting on a story from a Reddit user “MetsFan4Ever,” a former WWE employee who has broken several WWE stories in the past, WWE is planning to drop the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. He wrote the following on Friday:

“Word going around backstage this past Tuesday at the SmackDown tapings are that the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view will be no more. The early lead names going around to replace the Elimination Chamber name will be either WWE Fast Lane or WWE Fast Track.”

“The reason is because there is only one WWE / World Champion right now. So they want to stay with the Rumble winner receiving the shot and have no Chamber even with the title holder in the match.”

Whilst nothing is confirmed from WWE themselves, this is great news. Elimination Chamber has been in pay-per-view form since 2010, with regular chamber matches almost every year before then at No Way Out and New Year’s Revolution events. Therefore the chamber match itself has become rather stale, with one match this year due to one champion but two chamber matches every year since 2008.

WWE has a problem of taking their speciality matches and removing the buzz or gravitas that surrounds them by over-using them. Look at Money In The Bank, Hell in a Cell, TLC, they have become too regular as opposed to used sparingly, where the concept and the style of match means more. If the Punjabi Prison match wasn’t so awful, you could guarantee that would have its own pay-per-view by now! One of the main reasons I looked forward to the Elimination Chamber event was because as a UK fan, it was ‘free’ on Sky Sports rather than being on Sky Box Office (however now all events are on Box Office.)

So the best solution for the Elimination Chamber is for it to disappear for a little while until it fits into a storyline or where it would enhance a story, this way fans will become excited with this speciality match again. It also means a stronger emphasis can be put onto the Royal Rumble winner and their journey as they start their rivalry with the champion going towards WrestleMania.

As for Fast Lane or Fast Track, like many other WWE fans, I would rather have the classic names re-invented like No Way Out, Armageddon or No Mercy, back when pay-per-view event names were more than just a match that’s contested at it.

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