Who Should Return to WWE for a Part-Time Contract?

WWE fans are well accustomed to hearing the same reasons behind their favourite stars leaving the company. One of the main contributors to departures is the tiring schedule which leaves many burnt out, the average 250-300 days a year schedule from city to city, country to country is certainly not for the faint hearted. Along with this is the un-televised house shows, TV and radio appearances as well as autograph signings. This has led to many former WWE stars jumping ship to TNA for far less travel and less obligations.

However, an alternative has emerged giving talent the chance to still experience the brights lights of the WWE Universe, whilst having a far more relaxed schedule with selective appearances. This option has already been taken by big names like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam and most recently Batista. But which former superstars should take this opportunity and come back to WWE for their new part-time contract.

4. Goldberg

Bill Goldberg was one of the main men in WCW, with his 173 match undefeated streak and countless title reigns. This powerhouse was truly unstoppable during his career especially with winning the WCW World Title from Hulk Hogan within his first year. In 2003, two years after the closure of WCW, Goldberg continued his path of destruction into WWE but not for long. After just a year and bouts against The Rock, Jericho, Triple H and finally Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX, Goldberg left the ring for good.

However with the recent rise of Ryback, the WWE Universe has seen similarities between him and the man from Atlanta, with fans across arenas cheering his name. There is still a massive cult following for Goldberg with a recent WWE.com poll finding that he is one of the top stars fans would like to see return for one more match. Not only this, with the WWE Network, there is a growing interest in WCW and WWE are continuing to create programming giving insight into the company and their biggest moments. Currently, all WWE has is archive interviews as well as Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan contracted who can provide interviews. Goldberg could add extra knowledge and depth whilst still being an active member of the roster.


  • In recent interviews, Goldberg has said he would be interested in coming back although he has had no contact with WWE.
  • Goldberg still trains and will still be able to compete.
  • However, he is happy and content with what he has accomplished in his wrestling career. Goldberg doesn’t have anything to prove with his unrivalled undefeated streak and both major titles in both major wrestling companies.

3. Sting

Another former WCW star on the list is “The Icon” Sting. Fresh out of his contract with TNA, Sting has never been signed to WWE and has never competed for them. That is something that the crowd seems desperate for with the internet always rife with rumours of Sting signing with the company and even set to compete against The Undertaker. It would be a great revenue stream for both parties too, with Sting merchandise possibilities endless.

Along with the same opportunities as Goldberg on the WWE Network, Sting showed behind the face paint, he can play the authority figure, heel with the Main Event Mafia in TNA. So not only could he wrestle, he could play the authority figure whether that’s as a general manager or a crony for the Authority and Triple H. Even if it is a short term deal or just sporadic matches like The Undertaker, with Sting’s stature he could be a special appearance match at PPVs or WrestleMania.


  • Sting has been in contact with WWE for tribute programming for the Ultimate Warrior.
  • Online rumours suggest they have been close to signing contracts in preparation for a Hall of Fame induction and WrestleMania match.
  • He’s still got It! He proved recently in his last matches with TNA that he can still wrestle at a main event level, producing compelling matches.
  • Strong possibility as a last blaze of glory before retirement.

2. Kurt Angle

The Only Olympic Gold Medallist in sports-entertainment is a key example of somebody who left WWE due to the rigorous schedule. Coupled with Angle’s unfortunate magnetism to niggling injuries, the TNA schedule suited him far better. Nonetheless Kurt Angle is widely considered one of the best technical wrestlers to step between the ropes and has always been a big draw. Angle was one of the first ‘signings’ to WWE’s new ECW and instantly legitimised the show. A return to WWE would return him to the main stage, and back to the main event. Whilst he is a big fish in a small pond wrestling in the Impact Zone, he has been apart of some of the most brilliant matches during his tenure. He has become the Undertaker of TNA, the ring general, recovering from injuries and coming back for a couple stonking matches! For someone who suffers from injuries and has lots of commitments outside the ring, whilst still having to desire to wrestle, the part-time contract is the perfect solution for Kurt Angle. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to see Kurt Angle against Daniel Bryan or Cesaro?


  • Kurt left due to the schedule but this provides the perfect compromise. It gives him time to heal his body with all the punishment he gives it, whilst wrestling on the biggest stage and still in the main event.
  • He has said countless times in interviews he WILL return to WWE even if its just for one last run before retirement.
  • Vince McMahon told Kurt when he left, the door will always be open.

1. CM Punk

Although it was almost half a year ago, people are still talking about CM Punk’s abrupt exit from WWE. There are a number of suspected reasons why the best in the world ‘took his ball and went home’ among them being the schedule, being upset with the writers and upcoming story lines. Punk always seems a delicate entity as stories always come out of the internet factories of him not being happy and leaving when his contract expires. Now, with a lot of money still available, he has decided to go home. However, the part-time contract is the perfect solution to get Punk back in a WWE ring. He can have his time away to avoid burning himself out, when he comes back it will be straight back into the top spots within the main events. CM Punk is leaving a lot of money by walking away, not just in salary but in revenue from PPV buys, merchandise (Punk is always around the top of best sellers) and ticket sales. There is no doubt he is a top draw, which is probably why WWE don’t really want to give him a part-time contract.


  • Punk has told friends and interviewers that he is a retired wrestler.
  • However Punk is always changing his mind as to whether he is in or out.
  • WWE want him back fully or not back at all. Vince is said to be very keen at bringing back Punk.

There are many other former WWE superstars who would be perfectly suited to the part-time contract. Have I missed your favourite? Do you have any other good suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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