REVIEW: WWE Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank always provides exciting ladder matches and this year not only will competitors be fighting for the infamous briefcase but also for Daniel Bryan’s now vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

A good start to show saw the Tag Champions, The Usos move away from the pre-show and onto the main card as they took on The Wyatt Family’s Harper and Rowan. I’ve always been a big fan of Jimmy and Jay with their high flying ability and old school tag-team wrestling skills, as they provided a great opener to the show with another young tag team. It was right for the champions to retain as it made the most sense, with Wyatt not really in the championship picture, you can’t have your henchmen with titles and the leader without. Plus The Usos are doing a great job in legitimising the championship and the division so why should it stop.

Another title was on the line next as Norwich’s own Paige faced off against Naomi from the ‘Funkadactyls’. It’s such a shame that there a lack of creative involvement within the divas division. The title match highlighted two fresh, new and athletic women (which you can’t always say about divas) but yet there was no real rivalry, storyline or journey, and one comes from Planet Funk. Seriously? Don’t underestimate these girls, they are top athletes and bonafide wrestlers. If they were given more time, more attention from the behind the scenes, it would be amazing to see what can be accomplished. It was a good match with the time they had, with either build-up towards a split between Cameron and Naomi with a feud, or Cameron is not very good at playing the supportive manager role.

Do I have to talk about Adam Rose and Damien Sandow? Not a big fan of the Adam Rose character and what Sandow has become. Sandow still is a good talker, good heel and a dab hand in the ring, but is missing that persona to take him to the next level.

It didn’t take long until the first Money In The Bank Ladder match of the evening, this one was for the championship contract, and from the outset, it was clear where the main focus was. Although the match features six competitors, the main spotlight was placed on the two former Shield members, Ambrose and Rollins. Thanks to interference from fellow Authority crony Kane, Seth Rollins picked up the victory and now has a year to cash in his opportunity. However the match itself was a top quality battle and featured the classic, hardcore ladder moments. Although the spotlight was firmly on the two newbies, it did not stop the other competitors making their own statements. Massive shame Bad News Barrett suffered a injury and couldn’t compete, especially as his ‘Bad News’ persona continues to grow and grow.

Next, we saw the ‘new’ team of Goldust and Star Dust take on Rybaxel. It’s clear to see that this match was a nothing match and now Goldust is a catalyst in Cody Rhodes’ progression up the ladder. Cody plays Star Dust really well, and keeps the extravagance and craziness people recognise from his brother. However whether it’s a moustache, a crazy mask or a “condom suit” as I called in on Twitter, people like and talk about Cody Rhodes so is this new gimmick needed. Only time will tell but as expected the Rhodes Brothers got the victory.

With more sequels than Rocky, up next came Rusev and Big E. The only difference being the strong emphasis on anti-Russia and Big E carrying the red, white and blue. Creative need to be careful with this one as the more times they face each other and crucially the more times Big E takes the loss, the weaker he becomes and the further he falls down the ladder.

In a rare move by WWE, we had a second divas match on the same card as Fandango’s two girls battled out for his love. The fans in attendance in Boston made their feelings well and truly heard as they chanted for CM Punk and everything other than the match itself. In the end Layla was victorious over Summer-Rae.

And finally and quite rightly, the first Money In The Bank Ladder match where the actual World Championship is on the line. For me personally, the result was pretty predictable as you could eliminate who realistically wouldn’t walk out champion. Sheamus was an instant no as he is already US champion, it doesn’t mean there is no chance but very unlikely. If this was a few years prior, then maybe Del Rio could be the winner but not now. Although many want Reigns or Cesaro to win, they are not quite ready and a world title now would be too early but don’t get me wrong, they will be Number 1 Contenders in the not too distant future. Realistically Kane isn’t the champion they want and works better as the evil hand to do the dirty work of the Authority, which leaves Orton and Cena.

After a solid match John Cena ultimately climbed the ladder to claim sports entertainment’s richest prize for the fifteenth time. Although many are not happy that Cena is again champion, it was the best situation as WWE is still in recovery mode from Daniel Bryan’s neck injury. It will be interesting now how this progresses towards Battleground and the big summer event SummerSlam, especially if we are meant to believe the rumours the champion will be facing Brock Lesnar. But of course we have the wildcard of Seth Rollins – the new chosen one of the Authority and briefcase holder. We may be a couple of events from ‘Mania but you can bet the wheels are motion for WrestleMania 31 in Silicon Valley.

Money In The Bank was a good event and seemed to please the usually lively crowd Boston has. Even with a few minor bumps like the divas matches and the Rose/Sandow match, the ladder matches delivered with their stand out moments whilst the tag team title match especially brought variety and a great start. It will be intriguing now to see how WWE will progress going forward, not only from the standpoint of Cena now as champion but with Rollins having the briefcase and with the likes of Reigns and Cesaro on the bubble of Number 1 Contendership.

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