Jackson Browne Reveals New Song For Upcoming Album.

A new track from Jackson Browne’s upcoming studio album has broken cover in a concert in Kansas City.

The song titled “Leaving Winslow” pays homage to the small town in Arizona, Browne helped put on the map through his song “Take It Easy” co-written with Glenn Frey and performed by the Eagles and later Browne himself.

Browne told the crowd at his concert at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, how the song was written for an art project in the town, where Jackson was finally able to perform for the first time last year.

“Leaving Winslow” has the same stylistic approach as Browne’s ever-popular “These Days” with the solo guitar and a travis finger-picking foundation. Whilst this was a Solo Acoustic concert with very little accompaniment, expect the band to play a larger part in the final product.

This is the second song informally released for the upcoming studio album from the Californian singer-songwriter, with the first being “Standing In The Breach”. Jackson has said in a recent interview, the album will most likely be named after this track originally written about the Haitian Earthquake.

It will be his first studio album in six years following on from “Time The Conqueror” and his first music release since the live album “Love Is Strange” back in 2010.

Jackson is currently on his Solo Acoustic tour across North America, however more dates are to be announced most likely to support the release of the album in the Autumn of this year.

To listen to “Leaving Winslow”, check out the link below to see him performing it live:

http://youtu.be/SzIDAf8SQug (Courtesy of Nanci Sauder Ruest)

For more information of Jackson Browne’s Solo Acoustic tour, new album and what to expect, check out my previous blogs here at mrashrobertson.com.

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